Delicious with Mish Episode Eleven: Featuring Liza Thorn of Starred

In this episode of Delicious with Mish, Mish Way of White Lung talks to Liza Thorn of Starred about playing a show with Courtney Love, and almost dying at Paris Fashion Week.

Jan 4 2013, 3:43pm

Liza Thorn of Starred is one of these people that kept popping up on my radar and I didn’t really know why. We have common friends. We follow one another on the internet. We know one another’s bands and like them. We are both front women. We kind of look alike. (This is confirmed with Liza tells me that people have confused her for me before). But we had never met in person.

I had recently gotten a hold of her band’s latest EP Prison to Prison and was liking it a lot. Liza is one of these women who is just kind of budding. She’s played in many bands including Curls (with Christopher Owen of that band Girls that everyone and their cat once adored), she’s modeled for Hedi Slimane, she played an impromptu show with Courtney Love the other day in New York, and she almost died at Paris Fashion Week. I recently put Liza in my “Women To Watch Out For In 2013” list for Noisey. Starred’s music is haunting, beautiful and warm. It transfers you away from earth and into Liza’s messy little world where everything is tragic, but still somehow as cozy as the perpetual fur collar around her neck.

Liza and I connected for this podcast to talk about her beginnings in boring Sacramento, and traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York (she’s a drifter). We argued about money and expectations. We gossiped, talked about touring, and how SXSW is like “the Christmas of music." Anyways, meet my new friend Liza Thorn. She’ll be around.

Thanks to Liza for being on the show!


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