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by VICE Staff
Feb 17 2011, 2:34pm

Hey, remember that petite, well-mannered, nubile little number on the cover of our News, Nudity & Nonsense book from way back in '08? That was Sasha Grey--actress, musician, and burgeoning icon.

We've teamed up with Sasha to publish her new book, Neü Sex. The photography book is a collaboration between Sasha and Ian P. Cinnamon, coupled with her personal writings on sexuality, identity, and personal liberty. The photos form a narrative of Sasha's irrepressible spirit and relentless energy over the last few years. Here's what Sasha says about the whole deal:

"Documenting myself has almost become a necessity. There are so many photos of me, taken by other people, that aesthetically I have no control over. Documenting myself allows me to reflect on the day, on the feelings I am having, and on my environment. When you work in the entertainment industry, there are always new surprises; there certainly isn't one day that's similar to the last. I feel that an essential part of this great gift of constant change is to embrace all of the complexities that come with the unknown, and continue to appreciate them every day. I figured that if I were on set, I might as well be taking advantage of my surroundings and documenting my life in an exciting, untraditional manner. I look back at these photos today and see how much I've grown, how my opinions have changed, and how they will continue to change."

Oh, and here are a couple of pictures from the book:

Neü Sex is available for pre-order right here right now, and will be available for order-order on its release date, March 29th. Until then, have a peek at this nice site we made for the book.