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Occupy Canal Street

After last night's tear gas bath, Occupy Wall Street migrated to an open plaza at Sixth Avenue and Canal Street. Here's what it was like.

by Taji Ameen
Nov 15 2011, 4:00pm

After the beatings and tear gas baths in the middle of the night, early this morning Occupy Wall Street migrated to Sixth Avenue and Canal Street. People used wire cutters to make an entrance into the construction site of Trinity Church. Despite this, there was major confusion about whether the church gave the okay or not for them to occupy the site. The cops announced they just got word that it was not OK, but the protesters said the cops lie and stayed in the site anyway until major arrests and the whole site was cleared out.

There were a ton of people there I had never seen before at Occupy Wall Street, since it was a smaller scale and consisted of none of the masses of bums that had began to live at Wall Street. This was strictly for the true hardcore occupiers that were there out of major ideology, and perhaps spite, and were ready to really stick it to the man and not take no for an answer. They set up these weird stations with their signs that also served as barricades against the police. The cops flooded through the protesters' barriers and arrested many of them in all ages, including one of my friends who hopped in to shoot up close. The cops were cool though and gave me his Leica 35 mm film camera to hold onto till he gets out of jail. Here's what it all looked like.

The top of the fence to the plaza became a prime perch for protesting and, as I soon noticed, one of the safer spots to be.

Many gazed in through the numerous holes in the fence, anxiously awaiting for the cops to burst in and arrest the trespassers.

Protestors lectured the cops, calling them capitalist slave assholes in uniform that will never get to live on farms growing fresh vegetables.

Fortunately for all the protestors, this guy had developed a GREAT blockade system.

However, that did not seem to stop the cops as they began to scurry into the plaza.

This is when the cops began arresting protestors and photographers like hotcakes. Note the ratio of photographers and cops to protestors. 

See? Fence perching. Safe.

This guy was there to lighten the mood with his awesome shirt.

This guy was there in attempts to occupy the VICE DOs and DON'Ts.

This is what was identified to me as a "Photo Narc." If you ask me, he was doing a pretty shitty job. And his sign was real sucky.

Riot cops huddled together in wait.

At this point some cop started yelling at me for taking too many photos, so I decided to call it a day.

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