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Introducing Red Rosamond and Her Sultry Debut Single "Looks Can Kill"

Little is known about this new artist but this song is dangerously irresistible.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Aug 15 2016, 1:04pm

What do we know about Red Rosamond? Not a great deal honestly. She's a copper-haired fox with a range as huskily emotive as Adele's powerful pipes, which Rosamond debuts on her first single, "Looks Can Kill"—premiering above. With a title reminiscent of a vintage Bond flick, "Looks Can Kill" is a sexy sliver of a song: svelte strings and swaggering guitars and lyrics that run like illicit film stills still to be swept up from the cutting room floor. Who is the dangerous character in this equation? It's surely the currents that run between one person and another that add up to a danger that's irresistible. Just like when you know that pressing your lips to that person's is a bad idea, but you can't stop it. Don't even try.


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