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Silk Road Trial: Here Are Ross Ulbricht's Chat Logs and Journal

The court has released the conversations and journal allegedly found on the accused Silk Road operator's laptop.

by Kari Paul
Jan 23 2015, 12:00am

​Image: ​Facebook

Today in the Silk Road trial, the Department of Justice released all of the evidence presented at trial yesterday, which makes for a large pile of chat logs, emails, and other info. To keep up with our coverage, visit our ​tag page for the trial, and for all of the materials we've been handed so far, ​check out this collection on Scribd.

Here's a representative sample of the journal Ulbricht ​allegedly kept stored on a laptop associated with Dread Pirate Roberts:

Silk Road exhibits GX 240B by MotherboardTV

And here's a sample of some of the chat logs collected by prosecutors, allegedly between Ulbricht and his mentor, an anonymous hacker who went by Variety Jones, who asked Ulbricht if anyone knew about his past:

Silk Road exhibits GX 226C by MotherboardTV