Wine is the Key Ingredient in this Anemia Remedy

Not what you'd expect for getting your iron levels up, but we'll take it.

by Sheherzad Preisler
Feb 6 2017, 5:00pm

You feel like shit. And while doctors, pharmacy counters, and Tylenol PM are all there for you no matter what, what's probably missing is a little bit of TLC that only the woman who raised you can provide. The healing capabilities of a mother is a universal phenomenon—no matter where in the world you are, there are moms with tricks up their sleeves to help make their babies better. This is International Mom Advice, a hub for natural healers and homesick kids alike.

Irka Mateo is a Dominican mother of two whose claim to fame is a homemade drink that has cured, by her estimates, 58 cases of anemia, the common disorder that leaves blood cells short on oxygen.

Here's how to make it: Grind up three spoonfuls of Achiote seeds, the drink's star ingredient. "In the indigenous cultures," Mateo says, "we respect every life for everything that is on Earth. So we go to the Bija plant and we say, 'Bija, I'm going to do a remedy for anemia, and I need some of your seeds.'"

Next, add some red wine and molasses. The molasses is essential to the recipe due to its iron content, which Mateo explains is the number one healing factor for anemia.

The next ingredient is honey, which we already know has some healing powers of its own, but here, Mateo uses honey for its energizing properties.

But simply whipping up Mateo's Achiote drink isn't all you need to get better. "Healing is also spiritual," she explains. It's essential, she continues, to create a connection between the ingredients' energy and the individual's spirit.

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