Your Musical Taste As A Multi-Interface Map

<p>An update on;s Last Chart allows you to interact with a visualization of your listening data.</p>

Jun 5 2012, 10:53pm

Depending on your musical preference, you may or may not want a chart that creates a visualization based on your collection and listening habits. “May” if you’ve got eclectic taste, an appreciation for all eras and genres of music and a discerning ear for what’s good and what’s below par. “May not” if you buy directly off the top 100 on the iTunes charts and respond to questions about what you listen to with an enthusiastic and unwitting, “Whatever’s on the radio!”

If you fit the “may not” description, then you won’t see the need in utilizing what we’re talking about here, and you’re also my grandma. However, if diverse styles of music are your thing, get ready to meet your musical taste face to face. Last Chart is a concept that’s been around for since 2007 or so, but back then it was just a simple map of what you’ve been listening to. Now it’s got multiple interactive interfaces that you can blast through, organizing your music by genre in eight different ways, each of which you can manipulate.

Here are some snapshots of these various options. If you haven’t got a account, this might be a good reason to set one up.









Stream detail 1

Stream detail 2

Stream detail 3


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