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Divine Council's "Dirtbags in Distress" Video Is a Historic Occasion to Smoke Weed For

The group members all unite on the same track for the first time ever.

by Kyle Kramer
Feb 1 2017, 4:02pm

Wow! Historic! Very rare! Rap quartet and internet gurus Divine Council have been blowing minds for a while in various group permutations—even snagging the attention of such luminaries as Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, the former of whom hopped on the remix to SilkMoney's "Decemba"—but never before has the entire roster assembled on one single ICYTWAT beat to wreak mass destruction. That changes today, with "Dirtbags in Distress," a song that SilkMoney describes as being "about the current state of Divine Council."

What state is that? Well, the hook goes, "I spent my whole damn advance on some fucking weed / bought me some things I don't need don't tell LA Reid," a revelation that should probably surprise no one given that it's coming from a guy who once made a song called "Dick in da Dope." LA Reid, of course, is the president of the group's label, Epic Records. And weed, well, weed is dope.

"I wrote the hook in a very trying time period for the Council and wanted to really just wanted to say some real shit that wasn't bullshit," SilkMoney described over email. The last time Noisey sat down with Divine Council, they were fresh off of signing that deal, and the months since have only seen their profile rise. That hasn't meant things have been super easy, to hear the group tell it, but it has informed some exciting music.

"Inspiration behind the song is the shit that we went thru in the past year and just telling the people what it is for real being completely honest and shit," Cyrax explained over email. "Also this the first song with all four of us on it, so this is a really special song."

According to ICYTWAT, the beat is from 2015, making not only "very rare production" but also "the last of that type of style from me." To celebrate the occasion, everyone comes through and blacks out on the verses, whether it's SilkMoney quipping, "I itch for licks I swear to god I think robbery's fun" or Lord Linco sliding into his bars with the emphatic statement, "I need some dope, I need some clothes, I need some fucking face tats."

The video, directed by Miggy, is basically one weed-filled afternoon at the Council house, which finds them on the couch and cooking up some ramen in the kitchen. If it doesn't put you in the mood to smoke weed—and given the occasion of all four of them on the track, you have good reason—then what even are you thinking?

And if this gets you amped, stay posted. There's more coming from the Council. "MILK coming soon, and I'm going to drop and amazing project this year that I can't to share with people who truly love and support Council," SilkMoney says. "It's going to be an eventful year for Council with music and a bunch of other cool shit we are going to bring to life."

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