Listen to “Hasselblad 1,” the Quiet and Gorgeous Opening Track from CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais’ EP

Their new EP, 'Cascades,' is out March 15.

Mar 4 2017, 7:11pm

Photo by Dan Wilton, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy.

On Thursday, producer Michael Silver (aka CFCF) and pianist Jean-Michel Blais released "Hasselblad 1," the opening track from their new collaborative EP, Cascades.

The track, a delicate and gorgeous number, provides a good glimpse into the two's emerging sound, which matches the quiet simplicity of Blais' piano with Silver's penchant for unique samples and field recordings. "Hasselblad 1" is a take on Blais' track of the same name from the B-side of his debut album, II.

"This track constitutes the first improvisation we ever played together," Blais said. "Subsequently, opposite but complementary worlds were merging: reminiscences of my original "Hasselblad 1" recording (the loose tickling of a clunky upright, a clicking Hasselblad camera taking a picture, a saxophonist blowing down the street) were blending with parsimonious and ethereal sound manipulation from Mike."

Last year, Silver and Blais collaborated on a performance at Montreal's Place de Arts for the Red Bull Music Academy. That first collaboration led to their new EP, out March 15.

Stream "Hasselblad 1" below. In November, CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais shared 10 ambient and classical records that shaped their music.