Iranian Police Arrested Nearly 230 People at Illegal Mix-Gendered Parties

Many were also found in violation of the country’s dress code and alcohol laws.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Dec 16 2016, 5:55pm

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday (December 15), 120 people were arrested by Iranian police following a raid at a mixed-gender party in the country's capital city of Tehran, writes United Arab Emirate publication The National. According to Iran Focus, the incident brings the total number of arrests for mixed-gender partying within the past week to nearly 230.

Mixed-gender partying is illegal in Iran, which since the 1979 revolution has adopted an extremely conservative social code. Fifteen of the 120 were found to be in violation of the country's drinking laws, and all in attendance were also deemed to have violated the dress code.

Arrests for mixed-gendered partying in Iran have occurred many times throughout the years. Within the last six months alone, there have been at least ten instances of raids at similar events, including at birthday and graduation parties. In many cases, the arrested are punished by lashing.

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