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N-Prolenta Explores Futility and Empowerment on New Track, "Query As Prayer"

It's off their forthcoming EP 'A Love Story 4 @deezius, neo, chuk, e, milkleaves, angel, ISIS, + every1else.... and most of all MY DAMN SELF.'

by Alexander Iadarola
Aug 9 2016, 2:25pm

EP Artwork by N-Prolenta

Fayetteville-based multidisciplinary artist, N-Prolenta, has signed to NYC label Purple Tape Pedigree for a new EP called A Love Story 4 @deezius, neo, chuk, e, milkleaves, angel, ISIS, + every1else.... and most of all MY DAMN SELF. Today THUMP is thrilled to share a first listen from the record in "Query As Prayer," which finds Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana explore themes of celestial sisterhood in the face of over-policing, futility's relationship to memory, and the invention of empowering new ways of relating to bodies. This ethos of cyborgian spirituality finds its sonic form in a procession of distinct sound environments, consisting of distorted spoken word recordings in conversation with woozily fibrous synth arrangements and concussive bursts of noise.

The artist gave THUMP some backstory about the track via email. "At some point we all recognize that even the things that we know to be ours are subject to be removed," they said. "Query as prayer begins here: it begins at the first recognition of our own futility. And when we are in a state of futility, where all our actions detract from our ability to thrive. Then it is when we see that at end all we have are our bodies, our connections to one another, and both the individual and collective qualia [qualities available to subjective experience] that result from each.

With that qualia comes a dual gift: first, the ability for memory and the ability to invoke fragments of that memory towards productive action—and second, the impetus to synthesize ways of interfacing with our bodies individually and collectively that serve to empower us toward the passage through this and concurrently existing worlds. The understanding and the activation of this gift is its own process of initiation. The query is the journey towards this activation.

Yet a great many of us are prevented from scaling towards the peaks of this activation and are heavily policed during the processes of self conceptualization and self fashioning. So in order to feed ourselves, to give ourselves the energy for our wounds to mend, we dream up, we pray for the gristle with which to grind our grain. We turn our gaze up rather than out for our answer and for our activation. When looking at the stars we find our sisters- the other children of our mothers. We see them there and we feel them in each crevice of our bodies. The query and the prayer are both up-turned."

The record is an extension of a performance project done in conjunction with NON WORLDWIDE entitled Black Hydra's Discharge Springs Forth Errantly From Her Many Mouths. On Friday they released the Driks Ultra Three EP on Halcyon Veil, so they're having a busy couple of weeks.

This EP is available for pre-order in digital format as well as a limited clear vinyl edition of 20, which comes with interactive cover art and an alternative reality app designed by the artist.

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