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That's So Ravin': To Swerve or Not To Swerve

What's worse: getting drunk, getting high, or having to be the designated driver? Some navigational tips from Ms. Samoan.

by Ravin Samoan
Aug 6 2013, 2:00am

Every music genre has its seedy underbelly, a world of unspoken tricks of the trade and a code that helps keep things alive (no matter how dirty and scandalous it may appear from the outside). Our That's So Ravin' columnists have been down… and around. Worldwide party purveyors and dancefloor makers offer up some party tips for ya, free of charge.

Dear Ravin,
Every time I want to do some Molly or psychedelics, all my friends are really annoyed and want me to drink with them instead... but I'm quite sure alcohol is a lot worse for my health than a bit of 2C-B or MDMA here and there. Yet I don't want to lose all my drunkard friends. How do I get them to stop disturbing me with this?

Dear Christian,

It's true. Alcohol has a plethora of damaging effects, yet it's social acceptable and the "norm" when it comes to gettin' your swerve on. It's long list of maladies include everything from liver damage to high blood pressure to pancreatitis. Not to mention, the number of alcohol related driving accidents reported every year. Thing is, 2C-B and MDMA simply haven't been studied long enough to find out the full longterm effects. My question is: how often are you taking these? Too much of anything is never good, and your body will start to build up a resistance to them, which will only make you want more, to achieve the same high. Everything in balance, grasshopper. You can pass that one on to your drunkard friends as well...

Dear Ravin,

I'm so sick of my friends—they always make me the DD when we go out. I have a car, they don't. I basically wind up being their taxi driver every time we go out and then I never get to go crazy or have fun. I feel like they're taking the piss. I don't know how to make them wake up without starting a huge fight. Help!

Sam, Brighton

Dear Sam,

First of all, well done: to be the designated driver on repeat, shows that you care about the safety of your friends, as well as yourself and all the other folks on the road. Thing is, your friends are taking the piss. You deserve to get a lil' cray-cray once in awhile and not play mother hen. First up, tell your pals that you aren't driving next time. Give your pals advance notice and see what sort of plan they come up with, when the responsbility falls on them. If they want to get to the party, they'll find a way (bus, train, taxi) and they'll get to have fun with a more relaxed side of you... the one that gets to chill the f**k out and not worry about the drive home.