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Bass Kleph's Hounds Of Hell Tour Diary: Part Two

Dyro, Tommy Trash, skeletons and LeAnn Rimes turn up on another round of tales from the Aussie Hound of Health himself.

by The Kleph Himself
Nov 8 2013, 8:30pm

Aussie expats (who now live in L.A.) Bass Kleph and Tommy Trash are on tour around the US and we got this special love letter from the road from the Kleph himself. Check out what antics he's up to as the tour cruises across the U S of A.

Wow, i don't know where to start. I just got back from the most epic tour i have ever done! I was on a bus, touring with Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner to 25 shows all across USA and Canada. We played maaaassive shows, partied in some famous cities, bumped into some famous people, then finished up with a big celebration in Vegas! Here's part two of my photo tour diary.

Backstage and about to be on stage. Probably tweeting something important, like what i had for dinner.

 Live in the mix! This is a DJing style i like to call "Too Hard To Turn."

Every night our crew builds this stage rig for us, then packs it up again. It's basically a cemetery vibe, with giant LED screens in the walls. Looks amazing when in full swing! Respect to the crew! 

 Here's the same shot but a few hours later ;) 

New Haven was so hot and heaving that me and the sound guy hid up in the roof.

So much love from the crowds on tour! The energy was incredible! Love you guys!

Here's Mikey and crew packing up after a huuuge night in Washington.

Massive venue at EchoStage in DC. This show was amazing! People were thirsty too.

Cryo, confetti, low-lying smoke, fog... You name it, we got it. These tanks are even bigger than Rudy!

The infamous Bourbon St of New Orleans. Had a few nights off here. Good times :)

Me and Charlie Darker just happened to meet Firebeatz backstage in Houston!

My friends are scary! These Houston dancers rocked it at the Something Wicked Festival!

Tommy Trash almost lit his hair on fire while headbanging at Something Wicked!

Met Dyro for the first time in the VIP area at Something Wicked Festival! Amazing producer and a nice guy too!

Me and my tour bus buddy celebrating in the VIP area after a he just played a killer show on the main stage!

Our lighting guy Mikey Cummings is a genius! He makes us look cool. :)

Played so many packed houses on this tour! Here's Tommy rocking one full of Halloween costumes too!

We may be on the road, but music doesn't stop. Here's a quick snap of me wrapping up a new track while the scenery whips by.

Checking the lights pre-show in Minneapolis.

I can't speak for Wolfgang's bus, but on me and Tommy's bus, it was #HoundsOfHealth. Here's breakfast. Egg white scramble with salsa, and oats with fruit and nuts.

This is my favourite backstage area I've ever seen. There were10  rooms like this! All just full of pillows, lava lamps, throws, plants, and dim lights. I wonder what they thought we'd be up to...?

Our bus was super luxurious, but every now and then you still need to get out and go for a walk. I think this was in Chicago. 

Haha I forgot about this. The tour made me nocturnal, so I was eating very late at night. This is problematic when a small town like Burlington, Vermont. They had no late-night room service and all restaurants were closed! My only resort was to scour the gas station for the few somewhat healthy things I could find. (Hot dog relish? - Ed.)

Saw this backstage somewhere... Seems legit.

The Hounds kitchen! Tommy and I gave this a workout on tour!  We cooked basically every meal. I hope the stove still works!

Mikey the lighting guy used to live in Nashville (aka Nash-Vegas). He took us out on a night off to show us around. Tristan the sound engineer seems appropriately quite happy about this. Good times.

At one of the bars we hit in Nash Vegas, there was an impromptu performance by country star LeAnn Rimes! In true Nash Vegas form, I didn't remember this 'til I saw the photo in the morning.

Finally DJ Bam Bam in person in Chicago! We have a new colab out today called Gargantuan. We did it all online, so this was the first time we actually met in face-to-face. He's a super talented producer and a very good guy too!

Not a bad place to chill before my last show on the tour. Thanks to Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego for the view.

After the last show in San Diego, Tommy had another show in Vegas that night. He invited me and Wax along with his tour manager Mathias, but the only way to get there in time was to take a private jet!! This was my first time in a PJ! Was so cool! We cracked a bottle of Dom mid-flight and toasted the end of a killer tour!!