Stream a Rolando Remix from Marcel Dettmann's Forthcoming DJ-Kicks Compilation

The Berghain resident's mix for !K7 arrives next month.

Sep 12 2016, 2:37pm

Marcel Dettmann must go to sleep with a massive grin on his face every night of the year, knowing as he does that he's got really great hair and is one of the best-loved techno DJs on the planet. Which must be nice for him. Sometimes I think about how well I did at a survival swimming lesson in year 8 at school and find it hard to drift off so I can only begin to imagine how it feels to be the Berghain resident.

It turns out that the guys over at !K7 love Marcel and his hair just as much as I do, which is why they've asked him to mix the next instalment of their long-running DJ-Kicks series. Dettmann's entry, which arrives on the 14th of October, is a typically thumping affair that takes in the very best of techno new and old. Featuring the likes of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Sterac, and a whole ton of Dettmann's own productions—including a brand new track with Levon Vincent—it's a techno tale par excellence.

This re-rub by former Underground Resistance man Rolando—which closes the mix—is grainy, gritty, lunar-orbiting techno that somehow sounds both organic and utterly not of human hands. In fact, it's so good that if we had a chance to re-write this piece on the best way to end a mix, we'd slap "Let's Do It" right in there.

Check it out below, exclusively here on THUMP.

Dettmann's DJ-Kicks mix arrives on the 14th of October on !K7 records.

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