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Fabric Will Donate Money From Ticket Sales To Support Refugees

Advanced ticket buyers may now donate £1​ that will go directly to organizations helping the refugee crisis.

by Britt Julious
Apr 17 2016, 4:17pm

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

As one of the largest and most influential clubs in London, Fabric has vowed to lend its hand in addressing the current refugee crisis. "We promised ourselves that if we could figure out exactly how we could directly help some of the people affected we'd help spread the word," the club said in a statement on their website. They've since teamed up with Cambridge Calais Refugee Action group to figure out ways in which they could help.

Now, they've announced advanced ticket buyers have the option to donate £1 that will go directly to charitable organizations including Help Refugees, CalAid, and Refugee Action. "We're not experts on British immigration, not by any means; but we are most certainly human beings," Fabric adds. The club also vow that this facilitating of donations is only the first step in their charitable efforts. In 2014, we waxed nostalgic as fabric turned 15.

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