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Jubilee and Venus X Discuss Abortion Laws, Safe Spaces, and Keeping it Real on Episode Seven of The Pre-Game

Plus an exclusive DJ set from the GHE20G0TH1K visionary.

by Jubilee
Feb 9 2017, 5:45pm

Illustration by Loren Purcell.

The Pre-Game is back for it's seventh episode with the one and only GHE20G0TH1K visionary, Venus X, reuniting with Jubilee in the studio after the pair rang in 2017 together down in Mexico. Unless you've been sleeping under a large boulder, Venus X is one of NYC's utmost hometown heroes right now, and has brought her beloved GHE20G0TH1K party all around the world, started a label to go with it, and even opened up a pop-up "consignment and merchandise" shop in Brooklyn called Planet X. Whether it's in a music video, a fashion show, or a wild warehouse party, Venus is always pushing it to the limit with her music and all around bad ass aesthetic.

Before Venus gives our ears a taste of what we can expect at her parties by way of a serious DJ mix, the two get into what's it like to not just be a DJ/producer, but people who live and breathe music 24/7. They also wax on being sex positive, shitty abortion laws, how to give young kids an open safe space to party in, and just how to keep it real all the damn time. Both veterans of throwing parties in the city, they also discuss why the state of nightlife in New York is so important right now. Get into it all below.


1. Black Horseman Theme
2. Mess Kid - Final Moments
3.Orlando Volcano - We Come 1
4. Florentino - DA HOOLBOW
5. DAWN- How I Get It (Leonce Remix)
6. Rihanna- Sex With Me (SALVA Remix)
7. eje eje Born Slippy
8. Big Sean - Bounce Back (Salva Remix)

Venus X
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Venus X