Weekend Roundup: The GIFs You Missed

Here's a roundup of all the GIFs you missed while not being a degenerate sports fan all weekend.

Oct 20 2014, 12:26pm

While you were out doing lame stuff like enjoying nature and "being a normal human being," we were here cataloguing the weekend in sports for you. You're welcome. We've got the most important parts of the weekend in one sweet roundup of GIFs and clips for a quick-reference guide to all the crazy shit you missed. Enjoy.

The Play of the Weekend, Majestic Nebraska QB

Tommy Armstrong, Jr. soared over the Northwestern defense for a spectacular play that was ruled a touchdown on the field, but review held he was just shy of the end zone. Whatever, refs, this shit is dope.

QPR's Own Goal To Give Liverpool Win

A wild scene at Loftus Road ended with this wonderful ball from Coutinho to Sterling that set up a QPR own goal.

UCLA Interception Seals Win Over Cal

Cal went for the deep ball when a field goal would have won it and UCLA made them pay with an unbelievable interception.

An RKO Out of Nowhere In Scottish Soccer

The new high-water mark of goal celebrations comes to us courtesy of Gary Harkins in the Scottish Premiership.

Quarterback Clowns Defenders with His Feet

Alabama's Blake Sims shook the Aggies defense out of its shoes with this zig-zagging touchdown run.

A Vicious (But Legal) Hit

This hit was initially flagged for targetting, but review showed that although brutal, it was legal.

Jose Mourinho Don't Care

Oscar scored on a dazzling penalty and Mourinho is all "pretty good."

Crazy-Ass Rams Punt Return Fake Out

The Rams completely faked out the Seahawks by pretending the punt went to one side of the field, while actually fielding it on the other side.

Jamaal Charles Takes Monster Hit on TD Run

Jamaal Charles got blown up at the goal line and went spinning in mid-air, but scored anyway.

Antonio Gates Makes the Difficult Look Crazy Easy

Antonio Gates caught a deflected pass while backpedalling in the back of the end zone.

"I'm Not the Mike!"