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A Year of Lil Wayne: Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne in the Studio, 2017

"I'll protect him @ all costs. #YoungMoney #TheBig"

by Kyle Kramer
Feb 9 2017, 10:11pm

Day 142: "Sunshine" feat. Lil Wayne – Nicki Minaj, Sucka Free, 2009

Life is hell, but here is a video Nicki Minaj tweeted of Lil Wayne skating in the studio. Look how awesome it is, especially the part where he hands off his blunt to an assistant:

If Nicki's social media is any indication, she's back in the studio with Wayne and Drake (i.e. #TheBig3). She also tweeted a picture of her and Wayne, above.

The song playing in the back of this video is for the day ones, though. It's called "Sunshine," and it's on Nicki's 2008 mixtape Sucka Free. "Sunshine" is about meeting Lil Wayne on Mars, among other things. Nicki ends her verse with "write your own raps / make that your resolution." Bless her. Wayne tells Nicki that she's "unique like a boutique," which doesn't make that much sense but is a good rhyme. He also says, of the two of them, "so get a new alarm for me and miss Nicki Barnes / 'cause we kill everyone and get acquitted in the morn." Bless him. Nicki is right: We need to protect Wayne at all costs. Anyway, this video is good, and it has inspired this blog to be more Nicki Minaj-centric. Stay tuned.

Correction: A previous version of this post identified the Nicki Minaj mixtape as It's Barbie Bitch, but the song appeared on Nicki's Sucka Free.

Photo via Nicki Minaj on Twitter

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