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Papa Roach: "When We Feel Defeated We Listen to Paul Ryan”

There’s no real proof that Paul Ryan listened to “Last Resort” after suffering a humiliating defeat yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped the band from playing along.

by Alex Robert Ross
Mar 25 2017, 4:23pm

Paul Ryan's favorite band is Rage Against the Machine. He's not a huge fan of the lyrics, of course, which tend to include impassioned calls for justice and equality rather than unpoetic reimaginings of Ayn Rand's greatest hits from But still. The riffs, brah. So it wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine the Speaker of the House and bicep curl-enthusiast jumping into a black SUV last night, after his proposal to strip healthcare from 24 million Americans suffered a humiliating defeat, and throwing on Papa Roach's 2000 nu-metal hit "Last Resort." Riffs!

Sure, the screenshot was bullshit, a wry joke that really shouldn't be believable but actually seems pretty standard when the president is a racist, misogynistic trash fire in a shitty, off-the-rack suit. We wanted to believe it and for 15 glorious seconds or so, before the most basic rational urges kicked in, we all did.

The pseudo-news soon reached Papa Roach themselves who, God bless them, tweeted the following:

Beautiful. Oh, and then this:

Good effort there from Papa Roach, who doubled down on their Much Better At Everything Than Paul Ryan aesthetic by actively trying to stop Americans from dying.

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