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Why, Dear Lord, Did This Guy Upload 3,000 Videos of Washing Machines?

Hey man, what's up with this?

by Emanuel Maiberg
May 5 2017, 3:46pm

It's Friday and I don't have a lot going on, so I was just surfing the net when I suddenly remembered this YouTube channel, whichwasher2007, which has been obsessively posting videos of washing machines, sometimes multiple times a day, for nine years. So far, it has uploaded 3,164 videos of washing machines.

What's up with that?

We tried reaching the owner of this channel repeatedly last year and have yet to hear back. Is this some secret code? Is it a sex thing? I know that people are really, really into washing machines, and I respect that, but this seems less like a celebration and more like scientific documentation. Who are the 4,488 people who subscribe to this channel? If you're one of them, please let me know!

Whichwasher2007 also isn't alone. There's another, smaller channel, Maturasigma, which also only posts washing machine videos. Are they aware of each other? Are they friends? Are they mortal enemies?

Here are a few of my favorite videos, starting with the channel's very first video of the "hotpoint ultima wt960 2nd intermediate spin trick sudslock." Very nice!

Then there's the "Zanussi Compact 3kg ZWC1300 : Cotton : Final rinse (Pt 13/15)." Great spin action on this one:

And, of course, who could forget the channel's most popular video with 1.1 million views, the "hotpoint wt960 manual distribute, balancing and spin." A modern classic:

Anyway, I recommend you spend some time today watching these washing machines, and if you have any idea what this is about, please let me know at