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Phantasy's Latest Signing is Some Outside-The-Box House Music

Stream Cowboy Rhythmbox's "We Got The Box," the latest talent from Erol Alkan's left-field beat haven.

by David Garber
Nov 3 2014, 4:00pm

Erol Alkan's Phantasy label is known for holding a torch for outside-the-box dance music and their latest signing—Cowboy Rhythmbox—is certainly no exception. Consisting of Richard X, who's been involved with production work for everyone from MIA to Erasure, and NTS radio host (as well as History Clock label owner) Nathan Gregory Wilkins, the debut release We Got The Box, the title track of which you can stream above, is the type of tune that relies on repitition, and the kind that slowly unravels into a a beast of its own kind. Recently rinsed on Erol Alkan's FacbricLive77 mix and led by a hypnotic, chopped vocal loop layered upon a rumbling bassline—"We Got The Box" thrives in its progression as well as its simplicity. It's surely a satisfying debut from the duo and one can't help but long for what else they their box. 

'We Got The Box' will be released via Phantasy on November 10th on vinyl / November 17th via Juno Download / November 24th everywhere else.

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