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Ookay Matures His Sound on the Forthcoming 'Ghost' EP

The LA producer's new EP is a 5-track sonic adventure.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Nov 6 2014, 1:17am

LA producer Ookay has been steamrolling dancefloors worldwide with a turnt-up brand of bass music since he burst onto the scene in 2012, but he's taken a new approach to tunage with Ghost, released November 10 on Dim Mak. "With this EP, I wanted to do something a little different," he tells THUMP. "Everyone kind of knew me prior for making just trap and big room bangers, more DJ-ready stuff. I really just wanted to challenge myself as a producer and to see where I could take my talent."

The result is a five-track EP in which every cut is markedly different – It ranges from big room to bassline house to spooky, mid-tempo bass tracks like the titular tune, "Ghost," of which we've got the premiere. Ookay explains, "With 'Ghost,' I wanted to make something a bit cinematic, something that really is more like a story, less club banger and a little bit more emotion, more melody. I wanted to try something different in 100 BPM, which is more known for twerk and that kinda style. I wanted to trying something a little more on the downtempo. It's a little more mysterious, y'know?"

Check out the tune:

And don't worry, Ookay's not starting to take himself too seriously. Occupying a urinal next to David Guetta still ranks pretty high on his list of life achievements: "That's the best moment of my life, easily," he laughs. "I think that's when my career really took off. My booking price went up after people found out I peed next to David Guetta, you know? Everyone wanted to collab with me so I think peeing next to David Guetta was the best moment of my life." And if you're worried about Guetta's well-being, don't be: "He has a healthy stream. He definitely drinks enough water."

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