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The Editors' New Groove Vol. XXII

New heavy hitters from Disclosure, Vin Sol, and Zane Lowe for your weekend workout.

by THUMP Staff
Apr 12 2014, 12:52am

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Vin Sol - "Cookies"
I recently spent a week in Miami sitting poolside and listening to tech-house burners. I feel the same way about tech-house as I do about The Ramones. I don't really mind on principle, but every so often it's nice to hear something a little off-kilter, like this quirky, crackling, Chicago house throwback from Vin Sol. (Max Pearl)

Cam'ron - "Get Em Girls (Nire Remix)"
Wow, looks like hip-hop and sparkling house can fit together. I am currently high fiving a million angels. (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Gesloten Cirkel - "CBS"
What's up with this talk about "sparkling house"? Did I miss the memo? Here's my contribution. Which is pretty much the opposite of that. (Joel Fowler)

Little Dragon - "Paris (Zane Lowe Radio Rip)"
Currently on planet Broachella turning my hotel room into some sort of some joint rolling assembly line. Much Sour D. Much Little Dragon. (David Garber)

Birdsmakingmachine - "Bonfume"
The jack iz... so... irresistible... (Elissa Stolman)

Awanto3 - "Talk Together"
I went to a party for a new science magazine last night because I'm really cool, and the editor told me that she thinks electronic music is "the music of the future," not because it's inherently futuristic, but because the ears of the future won't be human. Is it a coincidence that Awanto 3's latest track is called "Talk Together" and sounds like robots having a debate? I think not. (Michelle Lhooq)

ZHU - "Paradise Awaits."
The only thing better than gettin' down to a deep, sexy track is when the crooning vocals tell you exactly what to do. (Olyvia Sayler)

Throwing Shade - "Sweet Tooth"
Step out of your body and into the glimmering weekend, sugar face. You deserve it. (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Sigma - "Nobody to Love"
You know when irony gets so convoluted that there's no longer any point in trying to distinguish between genuine interest and paralyzing self-awareness? Yeah, that. (Max Pearl)

DJ Jus-Ed - "Father Feelings"
Bridgeport, Connecticut represent. Ed's finally got an album, and it's good to the very last drop. (Joel Fowler)

Claude Vonstroke - "Sugar & Cinnamon (Justin Jay Remix)"
Should I interview UZ? Does he speak? Will he take off the mask? Or will he just make primal grunts while doing trap arms? (David Garber)

Dislosure feat. Friend Within - "The Mechanism"
All hail Disclosure, the 41st most important people in EDM (according to... Rolling Stone). You've got to give the boys cred for bringing UK garage to the main stage. And for crafting a song so distictively theirs that the best way I can describe this track is "sooo Disclosure." (Michelle Lhooq)

MNEK - "Every Little Word"
Every time I hear a track like this it makes me wish I lived in London and could hear shit like this on the radio on the reg. (Olyvia Sayler)