London Gallery Hangs Counterfeit Painting, Challenges Visitors to Find It

Dulwich Picture Gallery wants you to find out which of their 270 masterpieces conceptual artist Doug Fishbone had 'Made in China.'

by Sami Emory
Jan 29 2015, 6:15pm

Images courtesy the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Thumbnail via

London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery wants you to play art detective for conceptual artist Doug Fishbone's Made in China project. For five months, just one of the gallery's 270 masterpieces will be surreptitiously replaced with its double, a forgery replicated by the Chinese artist workshop Xiamen. “This is a quiet project, but it raises all sorts of broader questions: how do we interact with culture in our institutions; what does the exhibition context bestow on an object?” Fishbone told Artnews.

Although riddled with Fishbone’s characteristically satirical humor, this picture puzzle also addresses the polemics of mass artistic reproduction and loss of public interest in fine art. Visitors are encouraged to tweet their best guesses for the deceptive döppleganger to Dulwich’s Twitter with the inclusion of hashtag #madeinchina. Co-curated by Dulwich’s chief curator Dr. Xavier Bray, the show runs from February 10th to July 26th. The great reveal takes place on July 28th, when the original and its manufactured brethren will be hung side by side on the gallery’s walls.

Below, images of the some of the works at the of the Dulwich Picture Gallery:

Find out more about Made in China on Dulwich Picture Gallery's website, and to check out Doug Fishbone’s previous works click here.


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