You've Never Seen 'The Wire' Opening Like This

Animator Elliot Lim spins the seedy world of David Simon's Baltimore into a motion design masterpiece.

by TCP Staff
Jan 6 2016, 8:15pm

Screencaps by the author, via

It's the roughest city you've ever missed... from afar, but in Bay Area-based animator Elliot Lim's stunning tribute to David Simon's award-winning HBO series, The Wire, a certain familiarity pervades the ever-seedy atmosphere, flipping The Blind Boys of Alabama's Season 1 take on Tom Waits' modern dirge "Way Down in the Hole"—the series' "theme song," if you could call it one—into a motion graphics masterwork that radiates with the warmth of Margaret Kilgallen, despite the desaturated, deadly subject matter. All Lim writes in his description is "I designed and animated this piece as an homage to my favorite show of all time, HBO's The Wire," but anyone who's ever watched all of TV's Tolstoyan epic will know—sometimes stories are better witnessed than told. Check it out below:

The Wire from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.

Click here to visit Elliot Lim's website. 


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