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Manchester's Sewers Look Beautiful in This Hyperlapse

Urban explorer Substormflow takes you "draining" inside the city's brick and concrete tunnels.
April 1, 2015, 6:45pm
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There's a subset of urban exploration called "draining" that involves art of finding and photographing the culverts and sewer systems beneath major cities. Anonymous photographer Substormflow's new draining video, Drains of Manchester, tours the brick and concrete tunnels beneath the UK city, capturing several subterranean expeditions in one 5,000-photo hyperlapse.

"Many of the drains featured were hard-won and required hours of research, followed by unsuccessful trips battling through vegetation on river banks before anything was found to explore," Substormflow explains on his website. "So please don't ask for locations of any of the drains featured on this site. If you want to try draining yourself, is a good place to start."

To enjoy the beauty of draining from the comfort of your own (dry) home, check out the film and a few of our favorite moments below.


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