A Massive GIF-ITI Mural Animates a Portland School

The street artist INSA helped school kids draw a giant psychedelic goat.

by Beckett Mufson
Oct 27 2015, 6:45pm

Images courtey the artist

Ten years after street artist-turned-GIF-pioneer INSA began making animated GIF-ITI murals, he's using his craft to buoy creativity in the Oregon education system. A five-week residency with Portland's Open School North and Hollywood Theatre Education Programs let INSA work with kids in an underserved district to make a psychedelic design on one of their buildings.

The design features a goat, which is Open School North's mascot, alongside INSA's trademark undulating shapes and patterns. The mural was completed on October 9, which Portland Mayor Charlie Hayes has christened a city-wide GIF-ITI Day, and now the artist is sharing it with the public. Locals can check out the animated version with INSA's augmented reality GIF-ITI viewer app, but the rest of us can see it above.

"A lot of these kids come from very difficult backgrounds," INSA tells The Creators Project. "This school and the staff were very inspiring how they gave these kids a safe and loving environment and I was surprised at how well they responded to working with me on a GIF-ITI mural on the outside of the run down school building. I had them up in a boom lift painting the whole thing!"

"As part of my teaching to these kids, I really want to show them the power of the internet—the fact that this mural painted on their school can be seen but hundreds of thousands more people online," INSA continues. He also shared a copy of the official GIF-ITI Day decree, which uses a lot of fancy language and typography to compliment the artist's work and thank him for contributing to the community. See that, and a few making-of images from the Open School North mural, below.

See more of INSA's work on his website.


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