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[Exclusive] Stream Rioux's New EP "System Preferences" With Interactive Virtual Environment

The vortex-like webscape was created in response to Rioux's frequency-spanning waveforms.

by Zach Sokol
Apr 22 2014, 3:50pm

Yesterday, electronic producer Rioux shared with the universe his newest EP, System Preferences. The release includes four immersive songs that could be easily be described as textured soundscapes with some hook-filled pop influences. To celebrate the EP, Rioux and his newly-formed multimedia label, Connect, have collaborated with digital media artist, Cabbibo, to unveil an interactive site as a platform for System Preferences, premiering here on The Creators Project. 

Cabbibo, known for his vortex-like webscapes, visualized the album as an interactive cosmos where each track is embedded into a digitized human bust that viewers can click to access the tunes, which sparks a deluge of luminescent particles. Each song has its own color palette, movement pattern, or, for lack of a better term, multi-sensory soul—sucking the environment's visitors into an orbital EP that looks like it has its own sonic solar system. 

“Rioux’s work is super dynamic," says Cabbibo. "The aural structures span the entire frequency, and because of their complexity and precision, they make for truly dissectible entities. When creating visuals for this sort of music, it would be a disservice to the nuance of the audio, to not personify each individual frequency, to not visualize each synth squeak or background murmur." In other words, the miniature universe responds to the rules of gravity defined by Rioux's waveforms.

The interactive site is a sharp way to debut a sharp album, which is available both to stream and as a free download. Check out System Preferences in its entirety below, and then head over to the website for more sonic richness

System Preferences' Interactive Site


1. Tails

2. Maze1

3. Lucifer

4. Tree Torrent

Rioux's website

Connect's website


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