Fractals Shoot Lasers in a Pulsating Supercharged Music Video

Even an internet-crazed mind will feel on edge at this fractal sensory overload.

by Diana Shi
Dec 9 2016, 12:35pm

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The electric proportions of the fractal universe collide in a pulsing video of symmetrical graphics, dripping with piercing whites and blazing oranges. Created by Gabe Casdorph with a Sony a7R ll camera and a Canon 100mm macro lens, the actual process of filming and actualizing the video involved burning wood with electricity (and a little high voltage never seems to disappoint in art). The author describes the undertaking as an “experiment with Lichtenberg fractal figures.” The manipulation-free phenomenon takes inspiration from the branching visual of a bolt of lightning spreading its current. With swirling visuals that are both enticing yet absolutely dizzying to view, the head-splitting sequences make for a most appropriate companion to electronic beats and synths.

Bliss out to the gestating visuals of the video, Fractal Electrique, below:

See more video projects from Gabe Casdorph on his Vimeo page, here.


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