What a Lovely Day for a Flamethrowing Ukulele

Thanks to this 'Mad Max'-inspired how-to, you can bring the post-apocalypse to your next bonfire.

by The Creators Project
Jun 8 2015, 2:00pm

GIF by Beckett Mufson

We like the cars, the cars that go DOOF—so when it turned out that the real star of Mad Max: Fury Road wasn't Tom Hardy, but a blind maniac who shreds a chromed out, [link NSFW] Hajime Sorayama-esque guitar from atop the moving Wall of Sound that is the "Doof Wagon" our sister site Noisey got the original scoop on the man behind the golden mask

Now, there isn't much better than a flamethrowing guitar on a Monday morning, but here's close: Makezine community editor Caleb Kraft has designed a Mad Max-inspired ukulele flamethrower in order to make the campfire experience that much more post-apocalyptic. Using a butane cannister controlled by a modified caulking gun, Kraft's self-described "incredibly dangerous" result is the Sunday project of our nightmares. While it's "marginally safer" than the Doof Warrior's axe, we'll stick to building the monstrous cars of Mad Max with Legos.

Click here to check out Caleb Kraft's flamethrower ukulele tutorial. 

Via Hackaday


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