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Photo Series Electrifies The Wilderness And City With Vibrant LEDs

Barry Underwood's new gallery exhibition showcases his amazing light photos.

by Johnny Magdaleno
May 23 2014, 6:50pm

Bleu (2007)

You’ve probably seen some of Barry Underwood’s wilderness photography, in which slivers and beams of neon light cut across tree trunks and glimmer beneath lake surfaces. The artist has been lauded for his natural-meets-synthetic work for years, but did you know he has an entire body of work which replicates that same approach in an urban context?

In honor of his newest exhibition, Scenes, which opens at Sous Les Etoiles in New York on May 29th, we decided to document a few of his pieces which happened to find their way out of the hinterlands. In these photographs, the incandescence of cities and man-made structures is hyperbolized by vivid, laser-like hues.

We also threw in a few of his classics, for good measure.

At the Sous Les Etoiles exhibition, Underwood will be showcasing some of these old pieces alongside a newer, unreleased series of work. Until the latter make their debut, keep your excitement piqued by revisiting what made him stand out in the first place.

Parade Field (2009)

Traces (Blue) 2008

Orange (2007)

Fish II (2003)

Headlands II (2009)

Ferns (For Francesca) (2012)

Tesla (2012)

Agincourt (2012)

Wendover II (For John) (2011)

All images courtesy Barry Underwood and Sous Les Etoiles gallery. h/t This Is Colossal

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