LA Galaxy Goal — Robbie Keane, Gyasi Zardes Show NYCFC, MLS Imports What's Up

Robbie Keane doesn't treat MLS like a retirement league.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Aug 23 2015, 8:35pm

Robbie Keane has been an absolute force of nature in MLS for a long time now. Everyone is all atwitter about MLS imports Giovanni Dos Santos, Steven Gerrard (both LA Galaxy), Didier Drogba (Montreal Impact), Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, and Frank Lampard (all three at NYCFC). But Robbie Keane has been putting in at an incredible work rate since 2011. Did I mention that he's 35?

Look at his beautiful, turning first touch and pinpoint cross to Gyasi Zardes. It came off of a deceptively quick penalty setup by LA that caught NYCFC sleeping. Like Ambien-level sleeping.

Pirlo looks upset that this "retirement league" isn't what it's cracked up to be.

UPDATE: Giovanni Dos Santos isn't that old.

And, Robbie Keane is still playing well:

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