Goalkeeper Trips Himself to Waste Time and Advance in Africa Cup of Nations

This is a new one.

by Sean Newell
Jan 24 2017, 9:07pm

Senegalese goalkeeper Khadim N'Diaye has reset the time-wasting tactic to a wonderfully new low after his performance in the Africa Cup of Nations. In the final minutes of the match against Algeria, N'Diaye was striding into the ball for a goal kick when all of a sudden, he slammed his right foot into the back of his left leg and went down in a heap. He then clutched his "injured" leg and writhed around on the pitch for a while. Amazingly, no penalty was called, the game ended in a 2-2 draw, and Senegal won Group B.

Entering the match, Senegal knew they only needed to draw to advance, but as other games unfolded it developed that the draw (and thus the hilarious self own) was unnecessary. Even a late, game-winning goal for Algeria wouldn't have changed the Group finish because Tunisia beat the (also eliminated) Zimbabwe, 4-2.

Senegal now advance to play Cameroon this weekend, giving N'Diaye plenty of time to rest that leg.