Shite Teams Sunderland and Chelsea Traded Spectacular Goals on the Day

Squeaking out of relegation in style.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 7 2016, 4:24pm

Diego Costa made the Stadium of Light awfully dark
— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 7, 2016

Today we've got two flavors of disappointment for you: Sunderland and Chelsea. Take your pick. One is perhaps the most boring team to watch during any season, and the other is perhaps the most boring to watch this season. (I'll let you decide which is which.) But one thing for sure: there's absolutely nothing boring about their matchup today.

Relegation was (and perennially is) on the line for Sunderland as Chelsea absolutely lit up the net with first blood, much to the Black Cats' dismay. But there was hope yet on the day. That hope belonged to Sunderland's Khazri Wahbi with one of the most spectacular strikes you'll see in a good, long minute.

Sunderland hadn't scored a #PL goal at home since March and then this happened
— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 7, 2016

But Chelsea refused to be caught sleeping, as Nemanja Matic benefitted from a favorable series of bounces that laid the ball neatly at his feet for a devious little nutmeg on the keeper.

Moments after #safc leveled the score, #CFC struck back
— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 7, 2016

Sunderland snuck another one away thanks to a Fabio Borini, who received a clever back cut of a pass to send the ball skipping underneath the armpit of Chelsea's keeper.

But it was DeAndre Yedlin (my duuuuude!) who sent in the hammer that set the nail in the coffin for Chelsea, as Yedlin's cross seared across the goalfront and landed with Jermain Defoe for a lovely little two-touch strike.

Clearly Jermain Defoe wants to stay in the Premier League #safc
— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 7, 2016

And just when Sunderland's nails couldn't have be bitten any closer, the five minutes of stoppage time ticked down and the game was over. Sunderland now stand at fourth-to-last, meaning they have a patch of non-relegated daylight. Their fate will be sealed against Everton on Wednesday.

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