Everyone Made Fun of the Chargers' New Logo So Much It's No Longer the Chargers' New Logo

The Los Angeles Chargers' logo looks a little familiar, and a little horrible.

Jan 12 2017, 11:00pm

So the Chargers' move to Los Angeles is going well! San Diego fans are upset, the office is getting egged, and they've only been mocked all day on social media for their hilariously derivative new logo. Have you seen it? It looks like the Dodgers logo if it was hit by lightning.

Oh, wait, the Tampa Bay Lightning already made that joke.

And the Lightning weren't even the only NHL team to thirstily tweet at the Chargers' expense.

It's not just other sports organizations having fun with the Chargers logo, though there has been plenty of that.

Everyone is calling out the Chargers.

Well guess what? Troll hard enough and the Chargers fall back. It looks like they've been shamed into showing some ingenuity. This is not their real logo, you guys. It's just something they came up with off the top of their heads to announce that huge, important relocation.

No, the real logo is apparently going to be...the old logo?

Everything is going to stay the same. Same colors and bolt and everything. The LA logo was all just something they cooked up specifically for Day One. This isn't a reaction to a day of skewering at all. That totally makes sense, right? That sounds believable.

UPDATE 1/13/2017 2:38 ET

That thing that the Chargers have denied being a logo has taken on more of a logo look after the team changed the colors. Hmm. Seems like a pretty suspicious thing to do when you are claiming that something is not a logo.