In Bizarre Display of Admiration, Area Man Gets Tom Brady's Face Tattooed On His Butt

Not entirely sure how it can be a sign of admiration to tattoo someone's face on your butt. Then again, I'm not the one with the tattoo.

by Aaron Gordon
Feb 16 2017, 6:08pm

"Dedication" is a word. We can all agree on this. It just might be where the common ground ends vis a vis this tattoo of Tom Brady's face on a man's butt.

The tattoo was done by Boston Barber and Tattoo Co, which, according to its Instagram page, has experience with Patriots-related tattoos, although none approach the extravagance and ostentatiousness as the above work of art.

The shop also have at least one Patriot as a client, although Danny Amendola seems to only have gotten a haircut and not a tattoo of Tom Brady on his butt (it was also, to the best of our knowledge, not Julian Edelman).

But, back to the butt tattoo. I'm not sure "dedication" is the word to use here, which implies some kind of task or purpose that is being worked toward. I also fail to see how it adequately commemorates a player this man ostensibly likes by condemning his likeness to a lifetime of watching him poo. I would use other words to describe this, but it's not my place, really. It is only my place to assure you that "dedication" is, indeed, a word.