Watch Waypoint Play Video Games with Cool Guests on January 20th

The first Waypoint UK Live Stream welcomes 'Street Fighter V' pro-player Problem X, Ghost Town Games and 'Go 8 Bit''s Ellie Gibson for online japes.

by Mike Diver
Jan 17 2017, 4:45pm

Above: 'Overcooked' screenshot courtesy of Ghost Town Games/Team17

Update: Alas, Shura has some yucky illness in her eyes, so cannot attend our stream. Get well soon!

Late last year, we tried to run a Waypoint UK Live Stream from London—the first of its kind—only to have our plans ruined by a power outage. It was a dark time for us, quite literally. Sobbing in the shadows I was.

Happily, we've been able to reschedule, and book some super guests, too. This Friday, January 20th, you can tune into our Twitch channel from 6pm UK time to watch myself and regular Waypoint contributor Kate Gray host three hours of premium #content. It might just be the distraction you're looking for what with you know what happening in the US.

We'll be welcoming Overcooked makers Ghost Town Games onto the stream, playing the competitive mode of their awesome local co-op title against the UK Munchies team. Ellie Gibson, the expert voice of Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit video game show—yes, it's on the real, actual telly—is coming on to compete against Kate and I in a NES Classic-based 8-bit Challenge. That's her commentating in the video below, as Countdown's Rachel Riley kicks comedian Russell Howard's Guile into a messy heap in  Street Fighter II Turbo.

Later, Street Fighter V pro-player Problem X—the highest-ranked Brit on the game's global standings—will be giving us some tips to make our online battles less of a one-way bodying, and also discussing the state of fighting games in 2017. Check him out below in Ultra Street Fighter IV action, beating Luffy at the 2015 Capcom Cup.

And finally, synthpop artist Shura will be sitting down with us (update: she can't, she's ill, sorry!) to play some games she's missed in 2016, on account of touring around the world in support of her critically acclaimed debut album, Nothing's Real. Check out her single from summer 2016, "What's It Gonna Be?", below.

Kate and I will also be discussing our most-anticipated new games of 2017 while playing through the start of one that's released on January 20th itself. Got any questions about what's ahead of us, on the gaming horizon? You can tweet us in advance, at @mikediver and @hownottodraw.

Find Waypoint's Twitch channel here—and keep your eyes peeled for further streams happening on January 20th, from the US team. Follow @waypoint on Twitter for updates on what we're streaming, and when.