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Tonik Ensemble's "Until We Meet Again" is a Blissed-Out Breakup Song

Stream the EP in its entirety before its upcoming release .

by David Garber
Nov 14 2014, 12:49am

Applescal's Automnation label is one of electronic's music most buzzworthy hubs for ethereal gems that capture the balance between danceable and serene. One of the imprint's latest releases is from Icelandic newcomer Tonik Ensemble, whose debut label release "Until We Meet Again," is a production about the hope that remains after something sad happens, or perhaps, just stalking your ex after a nasty breakup.

Streaming above is the orginal tune as well as a number of remixes from Olaf Stuut, Snooze Infinity, and a breathtaking cut from label-owner Applescal, who provides a warm and perfectly autumnal rework that'll send you on a trip through lush, welcoming soundscapes, all the way through its near eight minute run time. If someone just ripped out your heart, don't corner yourself into an endless blackhole of Netflix, just hit play.

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