Here Are Those Two New Tracks 2 Chainz Promised Yesterday

Presenting: "Smartphone" and "It's a Vibe"

Mar 9 2017, 2:40pm

On Wednesday, 2 Chainz was the victim of an unfortunate leak that led to his new song "It's a Vibe" featuring Jhené Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign, and Trey Songz being released without his consent. I now defer to 2 Chainz for his official comment:

A man of his word—perhaps the only man who has made a better career out of yelling his own name than DJ Khaled or Fatman Scoop—released "It's a Vibe" properly on Wednesday night, alongside a new track "Smartphone." Both are taken from his upcoming project Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (for which he's currently doing an extremely cool playlist campaign), due to drop on 7 April.

"Smartphone" is a classic bragfest in the vein of all 2 Chainz best moments ("I bought a necklace just to flex, bitch!"), while "It's a Vibe" is a more laid back cut that sounds like it will soundtrack a rooftop party scene in a TV show very soon. And vibe killers, leave it next time.

Listen to both below:

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(Image via 2 Chainz on Instagram)