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DJ Nasty Pays Homage to Breakdancing with His New "Legendary" Video

The track is off his recent EP as Detroit's Filthiest, 'Old English D.'

by Alexander Iadarola
May 1 2017, 9:06pm

Ghettotech pioneer Julian Shamou, a.k.a. DJ Nasty, today shared a delirious new video for his track "Legendary." Taken from the recent Old English D EP under his alias Detroit's Filthiest, the clip was directed by Lisbon-based multimedia artist Maria Borges. Mostly featuring cityscape footage shot in Detroit and elsewhere, the video also involves clips of vintage breakdancing, consumer electronics, and urban ruins, using the breakneck track to tie together a historically-themed narrative.

Shamou talked to THUMP over email about how it all came together. "Creating 'Legendary' was unlike anything I had ever done before," he said. "When I produced that song in 2016, it marked my 20th year producing music. After releasing over 100 records, I always try to reinvent myself and stay relevant. When I finished the track I sent it to [Moveltraxx label head] Big Dope P and he loved it."

"When he sent me this video, I was in awe with the elements of breakdance and retro themes. The crazy thing is, I never told him that 'Legendary' was a breakdance track. Just from hearing it he knew what I was saying with the music. This means a lot to me because it proves that after 21 years, I can still make music that connects with people."

Old English D is out now on Paris and London-based imprint Moveltraxx.

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