Yeah, So the Nats Just Put Up 23 Runs Against the Mets

Syndergaard was injured and the Mets were dealing with a third-string catcher, but good goddamn.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 30 2017, 9:30pm

Nah. It's not a typo, folks. The Washington Nationals just slaughtered the Mets by a healthy margin of 18 runs and a final score of 23-5. Things got ugly (or absolutely gorgeous, depending on your view) out there, with Anthony Rendon driving in three home runs, 10 RBIs today—with this beauty (above) as the closer. The man was 6-for-6 and set a Nats single-game record. Bryce Harper tallied four runs on the day, so there's that too. Needless to say, the Mets were sorely missing Noah Syndergaard, who stepped out in the bottom of the second inning with an injury, grabbing his right side—he was scratched from a start on Thursday with biceps and shoulder discomfort. The Mets were also dealing with a third-string catcher, so there are a couple of excuses. But good goddamn.

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