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There's a Website that Only Displays the Freshest Instagram Selfies

In the end, the world is merely an endless stream of faces.

by Daniel Stuckey
Apr 16 2014, 5:50pm
Image via Selfeed/Instagram

A group of web artists made a site that plays Instagrams tagged #selfie as they're uploaded in real time. I put together this GIF to give you the gist. But obviously, the selfies in this GIF are a little stale.

Images via Selfeed/Instagram

"Selfeed," which artists Tyler Madsen, Erik Carter, and Jillian Mayer premiered at the Utah Museum of Fine Art in January is where you see the newest selfies, as they're posted. Get a quick fix, or get sucked into the digital art piece. Glimpse other people's lives through the Instagram hashtag that's got the media cycle on its motherfucking toes lately. Articles that aren't even about selfies have resorted to mentioning selfies in their headlines just for SEO. Even the missing plane coverage will inevitably fade out in the shade of a selfie.

So, if you will, experience the Selfeed's full interactivity: Tag a picture #selfie, post it to Instagram, and see if you can spot yourself flying by with a bunch of other people who are simply enjoying themselves in this moment.