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Chambray Conjures Dreamy Heaviness on Jacking New Single

"Pala" is off his forthcoming debut album on Jimmy Edgar's label, 'Reliev.'

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 17 2016, 8:40pm

Album art courtesy of the label.

Berlin-based producer Chambray has shared a jacking new track off his forthcoming debut album Reliev on Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic imprint. Working with a Chicago house template, "Pala" conjures a lush atmosphere around its concussive, brittle, and prickly pulse. It produces something like a New Age trance sensation, marked by dreamy heaviness.

He explained how the track came about to THUMP via email. "I got the idea for the track suddenly on the plane to a gig in Paris a few months ago," he said. "When I arrived at my hotel I started directly realizing the idea on my Macbook. I remember that the track was done in approximately two hours which was perfect to play out in the club that night. The title 'Pala' is just a word I've had for a few years in my mind for no reason. Basically all my track names are chosen like this."

Reliev will be released on November 11, and will mark Chambray's fifth release on the imprint following a series of EPs.

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