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Joris Voorn Teases Release of fabric Mix with 30 Minutes of Grooving Techno

Immersive yet always dancefloor ready, this mix is the type of journey we've come to expect from the Dutch legend.

by David Garber
Aug 20 2015, 4:30pm

There aren't many boxes left for Dutch tech deity Joris Voorn to check off as a DJ, but that hasn't stopped him from mixing the 83rd edition of the fabric mix series in his seductive, and always dancefloor ready style. Creating the mix in Ableton, Voorn was able to edit, mix, and remix tracks in ways that he says aren't always possible through the more conventional means of using a turntable or CDJ. Including tracks from artists like Plastikman, Cobblestone Jazz, and Robert Hood, the program provided him the tools needed to create a 65 track journey that ebbs and flows seamlessly, as well as providing a new take on some classic tracks.

"Tracks are often used as building blocks in the form of loops and samples in order to create something new, and usually are stripped down to allow for layering and mixing with other tracks— the result is a mix that is more the sum of its parts," he says.

To preview the release which comes out tomorrow, August 21, Voorn has prepared a special 30 minute promo mix that's streaming exclusively on THUMP.

Throwing Snow - Clasp
Tim Deluxe - Tryin' Find Away (Reprise)
Deadbeat - Acid Dub Jack
Andre Crom & Chi Thanh - Freedom Call feat Jinadu (Dubspeeka_Remix)
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Vermillion (&ME Remix)
Christian Burkhardt & Andre Buljat - Orpheus
Butane - Busted (Stripped)
Tuccillo & Djebali - Atuler
Sebastian Mullaert - Wa Wu We 002A
Joris Voorn - Sweets For Piano (Ripperton Remix)
Sailor & I Stripped - Joris Voorn Stripped Mix
Ambivalent - Chronos (Truncate Remix)
Sable Sheep - Butterflies Drowning
Roland Klinkenberg - Nuages
Terranova - Kepler 186F
Danny Tenaglia - Code 718 Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub)
Joran van Pol - Eventuate (Demo)
Cryptic - Belief

Joris Voorn launches fabric 83 on Saturday 22nd August 2015, alongside Craig Richards, Sebastian Mullaert (Live) and Mosca.

For full line-up and tickets visit