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Jessy Lanza Goes Two for Two with New Song "VV Violence"

The Canadian electro-pop artist shares another track from her forthcoming sophomore album on Hyperdub.

by Max Mertens
Mar 25 2016, 2:00pm

Photo by Hollie Pocsal

We've already heard "It Means I Love You," the lead single from Jessy Lanza's upcoming sophomore album Oh No (out May 13 via Hyperdub), and now the Canadian singer and producer has shared the record's second track.

Equally catchy, "VV Violence" sees the artist cooly declaring "Yeah I say it to your face but it doesn't mean a thing," over a skittering dance-pop beat.

Listen to it below, and read Lanza's recent list of her essential Japanese electro-pop records for The Vinyl Factory.

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