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Damon Bell Builds Itchingly Suspenseful Techno with Dark Ambience On "Aurel Afrek"

The Oakland-based producer's EP, 'Ankh Boogie' will be out on July 1.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jun 16 2016, 5:25pm

Photo by Marie Staggat

San Diego-born, Oakland-based producer producer, Damon Bell, has shared a playfully suspenseful new track off his forthcoming Ankh Boogie EP for UK imprint Don't Be Afraid. Built around a shifting tide of breathy, spectral hiss evocative of certain dark ambient sounds, "Aurel Afrek"'s 4/4 pulse is agitated by fidgeting rimshots while magnetically pulled along by a tip-toeing electric piano figure.

"The inspiration behind Ankh Boogie is the the meaning of Ankh, life," the artist told THUMP via email. "The music is composed to bring you into yourself."

The record marks a rare departure for the artist from fellow Bay Area artist Aybee's Deepblak Recordings, and following the debut of the title track last week, "Aurel Afrek" marks his first new material since 2015's Blues For The Libyan LP.

Ankh Boogie will be out on July 1.

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