​Get PRPRD for CRSSD Festival with this Redlight Mix

See you in San Diego for the SoCal party brand's second fest of the year. Bring sunscreen!
October 1, 2015, 10:10pm

Bristolian-via-London badman Redlight operates in that slippery space between house, garage, and bass while doing it all with a cheeky pop sensibility. His tunes and selections are awash with slickness and heavy basslines that have UK swag as far as the ear can hear,

In preparation for his upcoming performance at CRSSD next week in San Diego, Redlight has put this exclusive mix together. Inspired by his Lobster Boy label, it features everyone from Boys Noize to Bicep to label heads Mak & Pasteman, Mella Dee, and Redlight himself.

1. Redlight Ft Rose's Gabor - Metronome - Lobster Boy Rec's
2. Bicep Vs Ebony - Love Myself Edit
3. Animal Youth - Untitled - Lobster Boy Rec's
4. M J Cole - Alcatraz - Lobster Boy Rec's
5. Redlight Ft Prodigy of Mobb Deep - Lion Jungle Clean Edit - Lobster Boy Rec's
6. Anotr - Strobe - DFTD rec's
7. Redlight Ft Melisa Whiskey - Threshold - Redlight's Fast Flamigo Remix - Lobster Boy Rec's
8. Tyga & Boyz Noize - 100 - The_Martinez_Brothers_Keep_It_100_Mix
9. Mele - Ambience - Lobster Boy Rec's
10. Touch Me Edit
11. Mak & Pasteman - Call Me - Lobster Boy Rec's
12. Franky Rizardo Ft Feral is Kinky - Ragga Nation - MTA
13. Geee Man - wanna go bang
14. Nas bump edit
15. Mak & Pasteman - Give It Up - Lobster Boy Rec's
16. Redlight - GoldTeeth - Lobster boy Rec's
17. Mella Dee - Keep On - Lobster Boy Rec's
18. Tink & tazer - wet Dollar's - Redlight Remix
19. Mele - Bantu - Lobster Boy Rec's