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Stream 'Narrative Of Thee Blast Illusion,' Felix Da Housecat's Most Musical Album Yet

Released July 10 via No Shame, the soulful feline's new LP is built for your mind, not the club.

by David Garber
Jul 6 2015, 3:05pm

Chicago artist Felix Da Housecat (real name Felix Stallings Jr) is no stranger to controlling the walls of an out of control nightclub. Throughout his career as a record maker, producing tracks that feed off the lifeblood of his city's native house as well as disco and pulsating electro-clash, not to mention DJ sets in every corner of the the clubbing-stratosphere, his lineage has been mostly a nocturnal one, effortlessly orchestrating experiences intended for the primetime hours of your big night out. While the artist is as qualified as any producer to make a banging club record, his latest long player Narrative Of Thee Blast Illusion (out July 10 via Brooklyn indie-label No Shame), is definitely not that, it's really not even anything close. Take a listen through its eleven track outpouring, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

"It's a night thing," says Felix of the new album. "It's about melody and lyrics." Sifting through the album's tracklist, you'll see what he's referring to. It's here you'll stumble upon a stunning collaboration with dub-godfather Lee Scratch Perry, soulful vocoder-laden cuts like "Codeine Cowboy" and "Is Everything OK?" the trippy interlude "Karma's Catchin' Hell," and even quasi-pop numbers like "Turn Off The Television," all of which rely heavily on the Felix's lyrical prowess, as well as deeply eclectic musical mind.

Felix flexes both his musical eccentricity and beloved charisma on his new LP, shifting the focus off merely igniting listener's dancing shoes to fueling a much more introspective experience, one that isn't quite in the club, but somewhere a bit down the street and around the corner. So while you can easily get away busting out a shuffle or two to this record, you just might find yourself consuming it in a different way. Take a listen to the exclusive embed above and decide for yourself.

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