Vandals Destroyed a Luxury Camp at Burning Man

The controversial White Ocean theme camp was flooded, had their RV doors glued shut, and reportedly lost a lot of food in the raid.

by Philipp Kutter
Sep 6 2016, 6:35pm

A luxury camp at Burning Man known for hosting exclusive, opulent parties on the Playa was allegedly vandalized last week. According to a post on their Facebook account, White Ocean, a popular music camp founded in 2013 by British trance DJ Paul Oakenfold and Timut Sardarov, the son of a Russian billionaire, was severely vandalized during Wednesday of last week when the Burn was in full swing. As you can read in the post, attackers broke into the camp, killed the power, glued shut the doors of their vehicles, and then flooded the entire camp with water. There were apparently no reported injuries, and tons of food was destroyed in the raid.

While it's not yet clear who the attackers were, inter-Burner social unrest is thought to have triggered what happened. White Ocean is known for hosting some of the event's most high profile DJs, as well as operating in a way that's been associated with the term plug and play. This descriptor is often used to describe opulent camps where high-income individuals can pay a few thousand dollars to spend the week in a luxury tent or trailer, get catered meals, as well as access to exclusive music performances. Allegedly the camp had their own security guards who prevented others from entering—drawing criticism for not recognizing Burning Man's longtime focus on sharing, and its absence of class systems. The camp is also known for their yearly "White Party," an exclusive party that's hosted the likes of big name DJs like Carl Cox. Read the camp's official statement below.