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Amnesia Scanner Returns with Smoldering New Single and Video Featuring Colin Self

The Finnish duo share "AS Truth" and "AS Brieth."

by Alexander Iadarola
Dec 13 2016, 4:15pm

Berlin-based Finnish duo Amnesia Scanner today shared a new single featuring two songs: an original track, "AS Truth," along with a collaboration with American artist Colin Self, "AS Brieth." Both songs feature in a new video they also shared today, which is made up of an unboxing video (a popular style of video on YouTube where people narrate the opening of packages) overlaid with a barely-there QR code, and soundtracked with what could be 15 minutes of new material.

"AS Truth" finds the producers taking a more traditionally club-friendly approach, whereas "AS Brieth" is a little less bounded by conventional structuring, flailing it multiple directions at once. They both deploy the project's familiar take on distorted brutalism.

The artist previously debuted the "AS TRUTH" video in a Facebook live stream this past Thursday, December 8.

Amnesia Scanner's "AS Crust" made it to number six on THUMP's list of the 66 best tracks of 2016.

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